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7 digital marketing concepts you should know


Digital marketing is part of everyday life in the dynamic virtual world. Learn about some concepts that will help you understand a little more about this interesting and useful way of marketing products and services.

At this time, the permanence of businesses in the markets has a lot to do with their presence in virtual environments. The truth is, it is relatively easy to occupy a space on the web and social networks, however, the competition for visibility among millions of options is quite fierce.

Around this, digital marketing has become essential today to publicize brands, attract prospects and transform them into customers.

Now, although it is valid to hire professionals to take care of the above, it is important to know at least some basic aspects of digital marketing to be up to date. Here are 7 common digital marketing terms you should know:

1. Buyer person

It is the representation of a profile that details the characteristics corresponding to the ideal brand customer. In addition to considering basic variables such as gender, age and geographic location, it includes their motivations, interests, as well as how the products or services offered can solve their problems or needs.

2. CTA

CTA or Call to Action refers to that button or link that leads the user to execute a specific action, such as registering on a form or making a purchase. Usually it is accompanied by a persuasive message.

3. CTR

The Click-Through Rate is a metric that shows the number of times a link or CTA button has been seen. This percentage is used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, emails and calls to action on the website.

4. Email marketing

It refers to the strategies framed in the mass sending of emails to a database of contacts of potential and current customers. It is very useful to send informative newsletters, promotions, news and valuable content.

5. Inbound marketing

It is a method that focuses on generating relevant content for the target audience. Its intention is to accompany you during each phase of the buying process. It is based on attracting, educating and converting a customer in a non-invasive way.

6. Remarketing

It consists of the creation of personalized advertisements aimed at those users who have visited our pages, but have not completed the purchase process. This method is associated with Google Ads and offers the opportunity to remind the potential customer of the products or services in which they were previously interested.

7. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the set of actions that are applied to improve the positioning of web pages in the list of results of the queries that users make in search engines.

In short, although the idea is not to become experts in digital marketing, for every entrepreneur, businessman or administrator of a website it is important to know the basic concepts and techniques of what is a core aspect in the strategies and operation of any current business. In this way, all efforts can be directed towards a common goal.

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