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Digital Products: What are they and how to create them?


Selling info-products is an excellent option to make the most of digital environments. Know their formats and discover some tips to create your favorite digital products.

Today, websites and online stores have become virtual spaces necessary for many businesses to expand their reach. In addition, it is now common for physical companies to have their online version where they can sell their products and services.

But it is also true that a large number of entrepreneurs have emerged who have taken the task of using the Internet to spread their digital products with the intention of generating passive income.

What are digital products?

Simply put, digital products are information-based intangible resources. Also known as info-products, they allow the compilation and transmission of the experiences and knowledge of the author himself, in digital formats.

Digital products serve several purposes, including: to entertain and educate. They can be structured in audio, video or written format, or even in a combination of these.

They are often offered for free as valuable content in marketing campaigns with the aim of capturing leads. However, they constitute assets that can be sold and distributed over the Internet over and over again, thus generating a very attractive scalable business.

In relation to this, an info-producer is a creator of digital products who is an expert in an area or specialty. In some cases, they have a personal brand and spread their products through their own channels such as a website, blog, or social media.

On the other hand, there are platforms dedicated to the sale of digital products such as Hotmart, Gumroad, Thinkific and Sendowl in exchange for a commission.

Main formats of digital products

Ebook. If it is about solving a specific problem, an electronic book is the perfect info-product. Make it more attractive by including images and add value by linking to sites that support the content.

Podcast. If making eBooks is not your thing, making audios can be a very good option. Perhaps your customers prefer to download these knowledge pills to listen to them at their own pace.

Courses. Prerecorded classes are ideal for imparting specialized knowledge where your audience requires more resources to facilitate their understanding of the topic. Complement this product with advice or a question session where students can clarify their doubts.

In addition to these formats, you can create templates, webinars, apps, infographics, sell illustrations and photos. Your customers could even pay for a membership that gives them access to an entire ecosystem of your digital products.

Tips for creating digital products

  • Develop digital products focused on topics related to your experience and knowledge.
  • It begins by creating general content and then incorporating pieces aimed at more specialized areas.
  • Produce more complete and higher-value info-products with the collaboration or advice of experts.
  • Choose the appropriate formats for your type of audience and according to their needs.
  • Connect with the emotions of your target audience.
  • Offer solutions to the problems or requirements of your community.
  • Provides simple, practical information that can deliver results in a short time.

An extra tip: seek to transform your customers with your digital products. Focus on selling the benefits that the customer will obtain when buying your info-products, on all the potential that they will develop with that learning.

And remember, your knowledge has value! Use what you know to teach, make others grow, give them tools to start their projects, solve a problem or fill a need and thus improve their lives in some way.

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