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How to choose the best hashtags for your social networks


Using the appropriate hashtags on your social networks is essential to position your content. Learn some tips to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Without a doubt, social networks have become important platforms to increase the visibility of brands. Among millions of posts, there are ways to classify content to orient it to the target audience. This is how hashtags work their magic so that your posts can reach the desired users or be found by them.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the pound sign (#). It can be practically any term or phrase that identifies, contextualizes or classifies the content.

Among millions of accounts on social networks, photos and videos, it is necessary to use some criteria to find the desired content. Usually, hashtags are related to the type of publication, what it is about or who it is directed to.

Reasons to use hashtags in your social media posts

When you publishing a post, it is shown to the followers of the account. But if you include hashtags, you can go a bit further. By using these particular words, it is possible for other users to potentially access it. That’s why the biggest benefit of using the right hashtags is increasing the visibility and reach of your content.

However, simply adding a bunch of them in the text is not enough to get good results. It is not even about using the most popular ones, but rather using the most relevant ones in your case.

Tips for choosing the best hashtags

You probably already know that for business accounts, it is recommended to generate valuable content for the audience. In this sense, it is convenient to alternate between educational, entertainment and, of course, promotional publications corresponding to the products and services you sell. And to enhance those posts, consider the following tips:

  • Identify general hashtags that describe your products or services.
  • Include labels representative of your buyer persona referring to their position, productive activity and geographic location.
  • Use community hashtags.
  • Reach more segmented audiences through lowtags (less than 50k) and midtags (50k to 100k).
  • Take advantage of applications such as: Hashtagify, Hashtag Expert for IG, Seekmetrics, Display Purposes, Hashtags for Likes or Focalmark, among many others, to find hashtags related to your interests.
  • Get inspired by the hashtags that appear in the accounts of competitors and influencers that have to do with the same market niche.
  • Define your own hashtag that expresses the name of your brand or refers to your slogan, for example.

Lastly, consider these tips for good hashtag use:

Organize your hashtags by pre-creating lists or groups of them according to the types of posts you usually make and then paste them at the time of posting. However, avoid using the exact same block several times, change the order so that it is not detected as spam.

Create hashtags in the language your target audience speaks. If you use hashtags in other languages, you will possibly get more followers and more likes, but ask yourself if you really want to have users in your community who cannot purchase your products.

Take advantage of every space to support your content with the potential of tags. You have the opportunity to put them in the comments, the bio and the stories, in addition to the caption.

Monitor the performance of your hashtag strategy, give it a couple of weeks to see the results. Stay tuned for trends and news in your niche market, to make the necessary adaptations.

Remember, the best hashtags for your social media posts are the ones of most interest to your audience.

Did you already know about the power of hashtags and how to use them? If you have any questions or comments on this topic, do not hesitate to write to us on our social networks.