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How to make your computer faster


In the following post I will teach you some simple tips to make your computer work faster.

Surely you have noticed that, over the time, your computer takes more and more time to start and programs take longer to run.

This is totally normal, but there are some things you can do to speed up your computer, without the need to buy new equipment!

Here I am going to share 5 tips that can help you improve the speed of your computer easily and without spending money.

1. Delete the pre-installed programs that you don’t use

Computers usually come with some factory pre-installed programs. If you don’t use these programs, the best thing you can do is eliminate them.

Believe it or not, this simple action will help you recover valuable memory space and make your computer a little faster.

2. Replace heavy programs with web versions

Another reason your PC can be very slow is that you may have many heavy programs installed. They can be photo design and editing programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Sometimes these programs offer web versions that do not need to be installed on your computer. For example, in the case of Photoshop you can use its web version which is Photoshop Online Tools.

3. Clean the hard drive

Over time our hard drive accumulates a large number of files, which take up a lot of space and slow down our equipment.

It is probable that many of the files are no longer needed, so I recommend that you take the time to review and delete all those files and documents that you will not need any more.

Don’t forget to check the temporary files and the recycle bin!

4. Defragment your hard drive

After doing a good cleanup of your hard drive, another action you can take is to defragment the hard drive.

You may not know this, but the files stored on your computer are made up of small fragments.

Over time your computer has to work harder to find the file fragments and this causes your computer to slow down.

The solution to this problem is to defragment the hard disk, which will help to reorganize the files.

5. Choose an antivirus that is not too heavy

We all know how important it is to have a good antivirus on our computer to protect ourselves from viruses and malware.

But it is also important to know that antivirus software can be very heavy and will slow down your computer. An antivirus that you can use is ESET NOD32.


As I mentioned at the beginning, it is completely normal for a computer to become slow over time but we can counteract this process with the tips that I’ve just shared with you.

If even after performing the actions I mentioned, your computer is still very slow, you probably need to consider adding more RAM to your computer and / or changing the graphics card.

Do you know any other tips to make a computer faster?