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How to use Instagram for your business and get the most out of it


Social networks have become great allies for companies. Take advantage of the potential of Instagram for business in order to diversify your digital presence and captivate an audience that is growing every day.

The Internet constitutes a sea of ​​possibilities to reach users from all over the world at any time, every day of the year. It is no longer just about websites; social networks are an important way to give visibility to brands and connect with the target audience.

In this sense, Instagram for business is the social platform that can help you reach millions of people and have the opportunity to show your proposal, generate trust, bring traffic to your website and even make sales.

Why use Instagram for business?

Instagram offers the possibility of creating a company profile that favors marketing strategies to advertise a brand and market products or services.

This type of account provides additional functionalities to a personal account, including statistical reports, as well as the opportunity to create advertising and use Instagram Shopping.

On the other hand, it must be considered that according to Instagram Business there are more than 1,000 million active accounts every month around the world. More importantly, 90% of them follow at least one company.

Tips to get the most out of Instagram for business

It is not enough just to have an active account but to use each element in order to project the image of the brand in the most optimal way.

Setting up your profile
  • Logo: Use a simplified version of your business logo. Keep in mind that if it includes words, they will probably not be readable due to the small circular space provided for your profile image.
  • Name: Obviously it must be a representative name of the business. However, try to keep it easy to remember and avoid using symbols and numbers or making it too long.
  • Biography: Take advantage of this space to capture the attention of visitors with few, concrete and precise words. Clearly state what they will find on your account, pinpoint the location or target market, as well as contact information. Don’t forget include your website!
Tips for posting
  • Hashtags: Take advantage of the power of hashtags, remember that they work as keywords to classify content. Only use tags in the language of your target audience that are directly related to the post.
  • Stories: Use stories to show the funniest and most informal part of your brand. Use hashtags and locations focused on the audience you want to reach, in fact, they do not need to be visible in the publication.
  • Frequency of publication: There is no rule for this, the idea is to determine which days and hours your followers are most active on Instagram. You can see this information in the metrics of your account.
  • Early interaction: It is important to generate interaction shortly after a post has been published. That is why it is advisable to respond to comments as soon as possible and if they are direct messages, the better. In this way, Instagram considers the relevance of the publication and shows it to more users.
Extra tips
  • Followers: Build your community with quality followers. It is not worth buying a number of followers who are not interested in your proposal. Start by following people who follow accounts similar to yours. Take the time to show them that you exist by liking some of their posts and making comments.
  • Valuable content: Social networks are made to “socialize”, not to bombard users with ads. To avoid overwhelming your followers, your posts should be 80-90% informational, educational, or entertainment. You can obviously relate them to the nature of your brand, your products or services and perhaps invite them to visit your website.
  • Advertising: If you want your content to reach a wider and more targeted audience, invest in ads. In addition, CTA (Call to Action) buttons will allow you to direct users to your website or a specific landing page in just a few steps.
  • Instagram Shopping: Tagging up to 5 products in an image is possible with this tool. Adding information such as price and description allows you to use Instagram as a catalog; it can even be configured to continue the purchase process in the online store.

In short, taking advantage of Instagram for business is very convenient to help achieve the objectives of your company. Displaying your commercial proposal in different digital platforms will undoubtedly bring you benefits, especially in those that are constantly growing.

Tell us, does your business or brand already use this popular social network?