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How to use Skype to your advantage


Skype is a pioneering software for video calls and it has managed to maintain its popularity over the years by offering features that facilitate communication beyond messages.

Skype has become a powerful working tool that allows you to connect with a greater number of people in less time, thus improving communication and making processes more efficient.

The program, which according to ABC has around 300 million monthly users since 2016, was first used in 2003 in Estonia. Since then, it has evolved and overcome the changes that have imposed new forms of personal interaction; these are the kind of achievements that few companies can boast.

It was in 2011 that Microsoft bought the program for $8.5 million dollars and gave it a more corporate twist. That strategy worked: big companies like General Electric and international banks became users, according to Office 365 vice president of marketing Ron Markezich.

However, its main characteristics remain the same: it can be easily downloaded for free on mobile devices that have the necessary elements and on a computer.

In addition, the main features of this program have not changed and it still provides the same communication between two people who are anywhere in the world through messages, calls, videoconferences and / or transfer files.

Starting with the implementation of Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, users can have a place for content, contacts and conversations. To have better teamwork and use of the program, we recommend the following:

  • In an interview

This applies to all the times you are going to use Skype: you must make sure you have an adequate Internet connection and have an optimized skype profile. In addition, the space in which the call is to be carried out must be a controlled environment and to ensure that it will work, it is advisable to do camera and audio tests before the interview.

  • Privacy settings

There are many users who are concerned about always being available for phone calls. But if you want the opposite, the program has advanced privacy settings that make up one of the most useful tricks for Skype. To adjust it, you have to enter the Privacy menu and configure the profile in a personalized way, for example, only receive calls from certain users.

  • Integration with Outlook

For users who also manage Outlook, the program has integration with Office email. Thus, they can have all the details in one place, as well as start video calls, instant message conversations, and more.

  • Integration with Facebook

In addition to being integrated with Outlook, Skype users will also have the benefits they had with Messenger. One of the benefits of Skype is that it allows communication with contacts just as it’s done on Facebook but within the application.

  • Install a voicemail

When using Skype, you can also use voicemail. To find this option, you will need to go to the Tools menu, in Options > Calls, and then you have to record an answering message in addition to being able to indicate that these calls are sent to personal voicemail.

With the Skype professional account application, more organization and communication options are opened that optimize teamwork such as scheduling and sending files. Thanks to this tool and its different functions, users will have the necessary instruments to work as a team from different locations.

Knowing more about the software and applying it properly can make a difference in the way of working as a team. For this, it is only necessary to know all the available options that Skype has for you.

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