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How to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage


If you want your Instagram posts to have greater visibility, it is advisable to make the algorithm your best ally. Knowing its behavior will give you the advantage of building more effective strategies.

It is no secret to anyone that Instagram is an excellent platform to reach more users. Whether you use it to advertise your brand, create community or direct traffic to your website, it is undoubtedly a social network that you should not miss.

However, it is not enough to publish left and right, there are certain parameters that are considered to determine the extent to which your content deserves to be shown.

What is the Instagram algorithm?

It is precisely the Instagram algorithm that decides the organic reach of the platform’s content. It is a mathematical model that prioritizes publications considering more than 500 variables.

In short, the algorithm has the function of filtering, organizing and displaying the most relevant posts according to the inclinations of the users. The ultimate goal is to offer valuable content that encourages visitors to stay on Instagram for as long as possible.

How the algorithm works

Basically, when you make a post the algorithm chooses a small percentage of your followers (between 5 and 10%) to test if the content is relevant or not. Depending on the degree of interaction they have with the post, it will be shown to more users. It can even reach people who don’t follow you, according to the hashtags and location you have added.

In short, the idea is not to control the formula of the algorithm, to fool it or break it, but rather to know some criteria on which it is based. In this way it is possible to tailor content marketing strategies to your preferences.

Consequently, your Instagram account will be favored by increasing its reach, increasing the probability of interacting with followers and of course, generating greater opportunities to achieve conversions.

Tips for making the most of the Instagram algorithm

The time has come to make some adjustments to your posting habits on Instagram, which are sure to give excellent results. Among them, you should take the following actions:

1. Adjust your publication calendar

Post during the days and hours that your followers are usually online. To find out when the majority of your audience connects, check the “Statistics” section. Then go to the “Your audience” area and finally go to the “Busiest moments” section.

2. Keep the user interested in your post

The Instagram algorithm rewards content that retains the user the longest. So, creating pieces of text that engage the reader, posting videos, carousels, or multiple images that keep your followers engaged for as long as possible is a great idea.

3. Encourage interaction

Make calls to action that invite readers to engage with your content. A good alternative in this case is to ask questions at the end of the video or image, as well as in the description text. Find a way to encourage comments and generate dialogue. And if you can do direct message (DM) conversations, so much the better.

4. Use the power of stories

Post eye-catching stories that lead visitors to your feed. Also, if you notice that a post published in the news section did not generate early interaction, share it in a story. Add hashtags and location, a “click” GIF or a phrase that provokes curiosity and leads the user to enter the post.

Additional tips

  • Minutes before posting, go through the accounts of your followers, comment and like them, maybe you will catch their attention and visit your profile.
  • Do not buy followers and delete those accounts that do not interact with your content.
  • Be consistent with the frequency of posting.
  • Use the different formats such as IGTV and Reels videos, as well as all the new functions that Instagram is incorporating.
  • Optimize the bio and the use of hashtags.
  • Monitor the performance of your account through statistics, if what you are doing works, then keep it, if not change it.

Finally, create bonds with your audience and keep in mind that if you play the Instagram algorithm, your account will be a success. If you want to make a comment on the subject, we are waiting for you on our social networks!