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Instagram Shopping: How to make the most of it for your business?


Selling through social media is getting easier. Know the advantages of using Instagram Shopping and use it in favor of your business.

Currently, social networks have gone from being a territory to advertise a brand and connect with potential customers to platforms where you can make purchases directly. Instagram Shopping is the solution to offer complete, simple and pleasant shopping experiences taking advantage of the reach of a social network that is constantly growing.

In a social network with 80% influence on the purchase decision of users and where 50% follow at least one brand, offering the possibility of completing the shopping process was absolutely necessary.

What is Instagram Shopping?

This is a functionality that Instagram makes available to businesses that allows you to tag products in publications and direct the user to the online store.

You no longer have to go to the link in the bio to get to a page where you can buy. Discovering the product, exploring it and purchasing it is a matter of a couple of clicks within the publication. This is how the images and videos in the feed, stories, IGTV and reels have become direct sales opportunities.

To use Instagram Shopping you must comply with the following steps:

  1. Have an Instagram for Business account.
  2. Link this account with the Facebook business profile.
  3. Create a product catalog on Facebook.
  4. Activate the shopping function in the Instagram business settings.

Other aspects to consider are the commercial requirements of Facebook Inc., among them: having a real fan base (not bots), having made at least 9 publications and owning a web domain where you sell your products.

Once you have Instagram Shopping configured, you can create a post as you usually do. Simply tag the products the same way people are tagged in a photo, search for it in the catalog, select it, and you’re done.

Tips to make the most of Instagram Shopping

By now you should know some content marketing strategies applied to Instagram. However, it is worth adding these tips in the case of publications dedicated to direct sales with Instagram Shopping:

  • Keep the product catalog updated.
  • Generate interest in your brand by creating eye-catching images, don’t just post a product photo and nothing else. Tell visual stories, show what the benefits are, how to use it, get creative and stand out.
  • Do not forget to adapt the publications to your audience. Keep the same tone that you have used in the past, always in accordance with the personality of the brand and your particular way of connecting with your followers.
  • Make descriptions attractive to both the Instagram algorithm and users. Arouse curiosity with interesting titles and take advantage of hashtags to complement the information.

Instagram Shopping is a great way to get your business where your target audience is and offer them a one-stop shopping experience. And remember that, if you don’t have your online store yet, we can help you. Discover the different options we have here.

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