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The best tools for programming content


Having functional tools to program social media content is crucial to maintain a steady stream of posts that generates greater impact and interactions.

The migration of brands to social media has brought a new need: creating large amounts of content to keep social media active and customers entertained.

The production of dynamic, interactive and audiovisual content on social networks has grown and has become a key to attract customers. And for this, the position of community manager has been created.

The community manager’s job is to manage the brand’s reputation on social networks through posts and social listening. In this way, the community manager becomes who creates and keeps alive the community that the brand will create on the Internet.

For this task, the community manager has to use certain tools to help him organize the posts in the different networks. What tools are useful for programming content on social networks?


Hootsuite is one of the most used tools. This is because it is a multiplatform where different social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube can be managed. In addition, it is very intuitive to use and offers both a free and a paid option.

Sprout Social:

This platform is another of the most used tools. In addition to being able to manage and organize social media content, Sprout Social allows you to interact with users from its platform. It also allows you to monitor profiles, keywords and locations. It offers a standard as well as a professional and advanced option at $99, $149 and $249 respectively.


As its name says, this tool is for the exclusive use of Twitter. With a user-friendly interface, this platform allows you to program content, make social listening and follow up on the posts of up to 3 different accounts. To access it you only need to have a Twitter account and login with it.


Postcron is a working instrument with an interface similar to Hootsuite. It can manage platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. In this tool you can find several platforms: Postcron Social to schedule and publish on networks; Postcron Email to send bulk emails to your databases and Postcron Artstudio to create images. Finally, the application has different costs depending on the needs ranging from $8 to $169 dollars per month.


With this tool you can schedule publications, monitor the movement in your accounts and access statistics. Its use is exclusively for Pinterest, one of the most used social networks in recent years. Its cost ranges from $10 to $149 a month.


Another of the most popular tools because it allows you to publish content on several social networks at the same time. It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. It works in basic mode (publish up to 10 posts) for free but there are more plans to use it ranging at around $15 a month.

We hope these tips can help you facilitate the task of programming content for your different social networks. Have you tried any of these tools? If so, which one did you like the most?