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What is Google Search Console and how it can help your website


Google Search Console is one of those benefits of technology that we must take full advantage of when managing a website.

Like in any project, after the start-up it is important to have a monitoring and control mechanism. This helps determine its performance, which will allow us to obtain the necessary information for decision-making and adjusting in order to achieve the proposed goals.

When it comes to a website, the above theory is fully applicable and even convenient, it is right here where Google Search Console comes into play.

It is known that there are several aspects that sites must meet to attract and be “found” in the vast ocean of the Internet, such as having an easy-to-read online structure, offering a pleasant user experience, having valuable content that is compatible with mobile devices.

In addition to this, it is essential to use SEO elements (Search Engine Optimization) to increase visibility in search engines, where more than 4 million queries are made in just one minute.

Based on the fact that your website has passed this stage, it would be ideal to have at your disposal a control panel that shows the complete graphics of how users are interacting with your pages. Better yet, if this console were free and also implemented by the search engine giant. Indeed, it does exist, let’s see now what it is exactly.

What is Google Search Console?

Search Console is the evolution of Webmaster Tools, the suite of tools that Google makes available to web administrators to keep your site in the best condition.

Previously it focused on merely technical details, but now in addition to this it directs the attention of its users to focus on positioning.

Basically, the Google Search Console helps to monitor and improve the position of a site in the search engine results list through reports that allow us to understand how Google indexes each page. In other words, it shows you the perspective that the search engine itself has on your site.

In this way, you can have a clear idea about the impact that the techniques we use are generating to achieve good positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). And in that way, keep them or apply the necessary adjustments to optimize those results.

Specifically, with Google Search Console you can:

– Make sure that Google can access and index your website.

– Check traffic.

– Check if it is compatible with mobile devices.

– See which pages are indexed.

– Detect security problems.

– Identify errors in meta descriptions and titles.

– Know which are the most successful pages of your site.

– Find out if there are resources locked somewhere.

– View links to your site.

– Send new content to be tracked.

– Remove URLs so they do not appear in search results.

– Measure the conversion rate.

This analytics center is definitely a great ally for business owners, web administrators, SEO specialists, developers, and anyone who wants to monitor and optimize a website.

Finally, you will be wondering how to start using these services and the truth is that it is very simple, you just have to enter the Search Console website, enter your email and Google password (Gmail account), you will be asked to supply the URL of your website to start the configuration of your new monitoring console.