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What is Google Trends and how can I take advantage of it?


Learn about the basic aspects of Google Trends, an essential trend analysis tool for making assertive decisions that help create successful marketing strategies.

Marketing plans must be supported by data analysis that encourages taking advantageous actions over the competition, and that also take advantage of the behavior of the markets to adjust the campaigns and guide them to satisfy the specific requirements of customers.

There are several ways to achieve this, but Google Trends is definitely one of the most useful tools when investigating what users are looking for on the Internet, which is undoubtedly very valuable information to use in favor of your business.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free platform that the search engine giant makes available to identify trends.

It is an effective instrument to determine the behavior of topics or keywords in a timeline. In addition to this, it allows you to view search volumes globally or in specific geographic locations.

Basically it is an easy board to manage, but with great potential to generate useful information. Its use is available to everyone through its website, just enter it and intuitively locate the browser, filters and action buttons to then in one click get the results clearly expressed in graphical form.

An important aspect that stands out among its features is that Trends makes it possible to track keywords on Google Shopping and YouTube. Likewise, you can make consultations of relevant events and topics from previous years according to categories and countries.

Types of charts in Google Trends

The graphics are what tell us how a search has evolved in a certain time and place. The resulting curves can give us an idea to recognize trends through their shapes.

Let’s see what they are:

Stable. They do not present large variations, it is seen as a line with small ups and downs. These are searches that are maintained with similar and constant traffic over time.

Seasonal. This curve produces peaks during time intervals that are due to repetitive events such as sports world championships, annual festivities or times of the year that generate consumption directly related to these.

Novelty. In this type of graph, a single peak of interest is observed only to become linear again, which implies that this keyword was searched massively only at a given instant.

Trend. It shows a curve that denotes progressive increase that stays longer than a novelty curve and generally does not decrease as fast.

Sustained growth. These graphs clearly show a constant increase in searches over time, showing signs of continuing to grow in the long term. They are generated from terms that have become essential daily searches, SEO is one of them, for example.

How to take advantage of Google Trends

Knowing the popularity level of a keyword and its possible projection in the short, medium or long term is truly a powerful weapon.

Using Google Trends to fine-tune your marketing strategies by taking advantage of opportunities that others may not see is a competitive advantage that will ensure you go one step further.

With the information that Google Trends gives you, you can adapt the content of your website around those highly-searched keywords to get more users to come to your business.

Accordingly, you can also redesign your product or service campaigns by carrying out promotions adapted to specific periods or geolocations, accurately pointing to what the market requires.

Finally, incorporating tools that add to the success of your business is never a bad thing and Google Trends is definitely one of them.

Tell us if you have used Google Trends and how it has helped you. If you have any questions or want to know more about it, we are here for you.