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What is IGTV and how it works


The popular social network Instagram has announced a new section for sharing videos lasting up to an hour.

Instagram, the popular social network that recently reached one billion users worldwide, has announced a new section dedicated to long-form videos called IGTV.

As many of you know, in its beginnings Instagram was a network of pictures only but over time it expanded its functionality to also include short-format videos with a maximum duration of one minute.

With its new application, Instagram will seek to compete with the current video giant, YouTube. Every day YouTube users consume 150 million hours of video and each month more than 1.8 billion active users browse with their Google credentials.

IGTV can be downloaded as an independent application from Instagram, but those who are already network users will be able to enjoy the new content immediately, without having to download the new app.

Although IGTV shares some similarities with YouTube, it also has several particular characteristics, such as:

• The application is designed to fit the way in which we commonly use our phones, so the videos are shown vertically and in full screen.

• The application works just like a television. This means that as soon as you open the app, it starts playing video without you having to select it.

• Like YouTube, IGTV also has channels, but in this app the channels are the same creators.

At the moment the IGTV content will not have advertising, but it is probable that in a very short time it will begin to monetize with this application, including commercials in the videos.

And what impact can this application have for your company or business?

IGTV is one more social media where you will definitely want to have a presence. To achieve this, it is important that you start thinking about the type of videos you can create for your brand, keeping in mind the new time limit and most specially, the vertical format.

Some types of content that you can consider for your brand are:

– Mini tutorials

– Interviews

– Videos to create expectation or teasers

– Videos of curiosities

– Mini courses or classes

– Informative summaries

Although as I told you at the moment there will be no advertising, it is probable that very soon you can promote your business or brand on this platform, so you can also consider this option.


IGTV marks a new phase for the already very popular Instagram platform. It is important to be informed of the possibilities offered by this new network in order to take advantage of it. 

IGTV is available for download on iOS and Android.

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