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What is mid-roll advertising and how does it work?


Mid-roll advertising has become a lifesaver because, according to studies, it’s been proven to have a greater reach, impact and display rate than traditional advertising.

Video, or audiovisual content, is becoming increasingly important and has become a great ally for advertising and marketing. According to ConsumerLab TV & Media, an estimated 75 out of 100 people have watched a video via streaming.

For the same reason, social networks and marketers have found mid-roll as a way to achieve successful campaigns. But what are mid-roll ads like?

Mid-roll ads are those that, as can be deduced, appear while the video is playing, thus pausing.

Laura Mañe

According to a study carried out by the tech analysis firm Ooyala, advertising of this type increased by 33% in 2016 alone. In addition, the firm assured that the placement of advertising before (pre-roll) or after (post-roll) of a video goes downhill.

A clear example can be found on Facebook where since last year you can see how the ads start after 20 seconds of the beginning of videos that last 90 or more seconds. The tests were successful since after a year of implementing it, Facebook has said that more than 70% of mid-roll ads are displayed to the end.

The effectiveness of mid-roll is due to the fact that it impacts users who have already spent a considerable time watching the video, so it is likely that they are willing to see the ad in order to finish the content.

The technique is similar to putting a commercial at the most crucial moment of the film; the public stays to watch it because they want to see how the scene ends.

Also, it has proven to be a success because it effectively prevents the blocking of the advertising itself since in the pre-roll and post-roll users can skip the ads or avoid them.

Although mid-roll ads have proven to be an effective method of advertising within social media, one must make sure that their duration is not too long.

Lastly, mid-roll advertising can be an opportunity for small businesses to increase their income through social media because the ads do not bother users.

Of course, we should not forget that there are other social media tools and strategies that should be considered in this case.