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What is the best content for each social network?


On social media you can find videos, illustrations, gifs, photographs and texts, and other things; however, there is content that is only suitable for certain channels.

There are contents that are better on certain social networks than others. Text, video and photographs have different purposes and do not work in the same way. In order for each brand channel to be efficient and have a good reach, it is important to decide what type of content will go on each platform within your digital strategy.

Each social network has a different audience and is used for specific purposes. Therefore, each one requires a different variety of content to post. Although the most important thing is that it is constantly updated, if the content is not of quality it won’t reach the people as expected.

But, what type of content generates greater impact in each social network?

  • Facebook

According to data collected from Statistic Brain and, Facebook is the most used social network with around two million active users per month. The IQ Facebook researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano has spoken about the behavior of users of this popular social network. After doing a survey, she found that Facebook users are more satisfied with the need for recognition and connection.

In other words, the ideal posts for this platform are inspirational quotes, memes about situations with which the user empathizes, and educational content such as blog articles and videos. The Buzzsumo company analyzed the contents on this social network and found that videos have a higher impact than photos because they can transmit more emotions.

  • Instagram

With around 800 million active users per month, Instagram is another key platform to have presence. On this network, users tend to behave a little bit differently than on Facebook. According to the Molina-Estolano study, Instagram is a more appropriate platform to have fun, discover and relax.

Because it is a visual social network, the content on the platform is usually inspiring, creative, and stimulating. Therefore, it is ideal for high-resolution photos, the more creative the better, for images with quotes and for uploading stories in real time. Although the feed must have a certain consistency and style, stories can upload news, gifs, locations and offers to have more interaction with users.

Also, 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram, making it a great place to do business.

  • LinkedIn

500 million active users per month continue trusting in LinkedIn as a reliable professional social network. When used for professional purposes, the content must add some value to the users and contribute to topics related to business and industry. LinkedIn offers a good opportunity to share updates or promotions that happen within your company and with your brand. Finally, using LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy can bring good results.

  • Twitter

Among the most popular, Twitter is one of the less crowded social networks. It has nearly 300 million active users per month. However, there is great activity in it. According to the American Press Institute, the main activity of users is staying informed with the latest news. They also seek to have a good time and share knowledge or ideas.

Consequently, it is a platform where news and updates can be shared, preferably with links so that users get all the information.

Because each social network has a different objective, users expect different types of content from each one. Thus, it is more attractive for them to interact with the content and it is easier for the brand to generate the material.

The important thing is to never saturate users or use the same content for all channels. Finally, originality is a key, contents that are new and unique will always have a greater impact than those that have already been seen.