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Why is it important to verify your social media accounts?


Verifying social media accounts is an action that gives a brand trustworthiness and reliability.

Currently more than 5 billion people are on the Internet. In Mexico, there are 71 million users who daily search for information and consume quality content. According to the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2018, consumers spend around 8 hours a day on the Internet.

In addition, for 89% of Mexican users accessing social networks is their main Internet activity. This makes these networks an important communication channel for brands, companies and institutions. The opportunity they provide to send a message in a quick and accessible way makes having an account no longer an option but a necessity.

Unfortunately, with the growth of social networks, the phenomenon of fake news has also emerged. Fake accounts and false messages abound everywhere. In the midst of this whirlwind of hyper information, validating the accounts is equivalent to docking up at the port to avoid getting lost in the waves.

By verifying an account, you will obtain these benefits:

  • The authenticity of an account will be confirmed and you will avoid fraud on your behalf.
  • It will improve the presence and relationship with customers on social networks.
  • Users will know that the information coming from the account is official and reliable

Now, how do you verify an account?


At the moment, the social network has disabled its function to verify accounts. Since they do not have a defined date to resume such activity, it is best to share reliable and truthful content.


To obtain a Facebook verification, the page must have the following requirements:

-Have posts

-Have a profile and cover photo

The steps to verify the account are simple:

-Go to the settings button at the top of the page

-In General, on the right there will be a section that says Verification of the page

-There will be two ways to verify the page: by phone or uploading official documents, choose the form of your preference.


Requesting verification on Instagram is simple in practice. However, the requirements are more complicated to obtain. For this, it is necessary to have, preferably, a verified Facebook page that is linked to that of Instagram. As for followers, there is no specific number that must be met but it is estimated that you must have around 100,000 to be considered.

Once these requirements are in place, it is time to apply. To verify an Instagram account, follow these steps:

-Access the account to verify

-Go to the profile and click on the three horizontal lines on the upper right side

-Go to Settings> Account> Request Verification

-Enter your name and an official brand document

Once you make the request, you must wait for the response from the page. Remember that doing so does not mean that you will get the verification; it will depend on the judgment of each social network. However, it is always better to at least try.