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Write the perfect copy and attract more customers


Copywriting is one of the most important elements to consider when making a website and posting on social media. But, how do you write a good copy?

When creating a website or content plan for the brand, many details are taken care of, such as: design, functionality, and user experience. However, one of the characteristics of the site or brand that is rarely mentioned when starting a new site is copywriting.

What is copywriting? It is the activity of creating messages in a concise and attractive way that engages and impacts an audience. This discipline of business writing was created by Claude Hopkins, an American publicist, in the early 1900s. However, the art of selling with words has existed since the beginning of time.

During his career, Hopkins dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge on the subject. Regarding copywriting, he recommended the following:

Write simply: The best thing you can do is use simple language that your audience can understand. It is always better to say as much as possible in the fewest characters.

Write to a particular user: One of the tactics that works best is to adapt the tone with which you give your messages to your niche. You must speak as users speak and, most importantly, speak to a specific type of user. Otherwise, the message will be very vague and will not reach anyone in particular. Hopkins said “when you try to reach everyone, you reach no one”.

Spend more time on your title: Just like in newspapers and on the Internet, your title or first sentence is always what will make a difference between whether people stay to read or not. This is where ingenuity and imagination will be most needed.

Be specific: Over-explaining an idea can backfire. Today the attention span of people is about 8 seconds so you will need to get to the point if you don’t want users to ignore you.

Appeal to emotions: The best way to empathize with your target audience is to sell ideas and emotions. How? Focus more on experience and benefits than service.

Once you have defined the tone to use, you can apply these copywriting recommendations wherever you are going to deliver a message: your website, a blog, social media or even print advertising. Copywriting is applicable to all types of businesses and in all the mediums by which a brand can communicate.

Finally, remember more than being a brand, it is human beings who manage it and people can identify more if they are treated as humans. So, get in character and interact with your customers in a natural and convincing way.